Fronius AccuPocket 150 / 400 STICK


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AccuPocket 150 / 400 STICK


/ Highly Portable

/ Battery powered (45 min. recharge, 30 min with rapid charge)

/ Single Knob Operation

/ 3 years parts and labor warranty

Standard Package:

150A welding power source
Battery charger, ActiveCharger 1000
Electrode Cable (Stinger) 13′
Ground Cable 13′
Powerbox 180
Wheeled storage case



Highly flexible, the AccuPocket can be used in three different modes. in battery mode it will weld up to 18 electrodes (3/32) or up to 124 inches TIG on a single charge. In hybrid mode, 120V mains still equals the full 150A of output power. In generator mode, it can utilize 2KVA generators due to low power input. Charges in 45 minutes or 30 minutes with rapid charge.

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