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FAN Fronius

FAN by Fronius is well-known as a world market leader in “perfect welding” technology through innovation and intuitive design that meet and exceed industry standards. With the same technology used in automaker factories, FAN welders feature exclusive software, ergonomic ease of use design, safety, and operation features for today’s auto collision repair centers.  

FAN MIG 220  |  FAN PROTON MIG+ 250c  |  FAN PROTON PULSE+ 270i FAN 320i  |  FAN PROTON TT 4.0 Resistance Spot Welder


TECNA is known in the industry for the highest quality spot welders that obtain the most OEM certifications and approals than any other welder on the market.  With SMART Technology for minimal user input, advanced cooling technology for long duty cycles, high quality output and reproducible welding, TECNA is a preferred welder in the auto collision repair industry.

TECNA 3664P SMART Plus Resistance Spot Welder

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Robaina Industries Inc. offers the most respected brands in the auto collision repair industry for the North American marketplace.  Contact Us for more information on sales, installation and training.

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