Your TECNA 3664P Smart Plus Spot Welder is an invaluable tool for your auto collision repair center.  Keep your welder at peak performance all year with basic care and maintenance.

TECNA Spot Welder – Basic Maintenance Tips:

  1. Cover the welder when not in use
  2. Clean and store electrodes and arms when not in use
  3. Inspect welder prior to use including electrical plug, hoses and water
  4. Inspect arm, electrode and electrode caps
  5. Replace electrode caps as needed
  6. Apply copper paste as needed
  7. Maintain semi-annual welder service appointments

Due for Semi-Annual Service?

Keep your welder well-maintained to avoid costly downtimes, job delays and production productivity loss.

Welders should receive service every 6 months to maintain optimum performance and longevity of the welder.

Our service technicians provide thorough equipment servicing and refresher training for all technicians who will be operating the welder.

Semi-Annual Welder Service Includes:

– Inspection of all welder parts and components
– Checking all hoses and fittings
– Checking coolant levels
– Applying copper paste as needed
– Updating software as necessary
– Testing welder performance as necessary
– Providing refresher training to welder operators
– Consumables, part replacements and repairs available as needed

Protect your Investment.

Schedule for TECNA 3664P SMART PLUS Welder Service Appointment.

Need Training? See Upcoming Training Events or Contact Us to schedule training for your group.

Contact Us to Schedule your TECNA 3664P SMART PLUS Welder Service

TECNA 3664P SMART PLUS Welder, the most OEM Approved Resistance Spot Welder on the market for auto collision repair:

Audi  |  Bentley  |  BMW  |  Buick  | Cadillac  |  Chevrolet  |  Chrysler  |  Dodge  |  Fiat  |  Ford  |  Hyundai  |  Infiniti  |  GM  |  Jeep  |  Lexus  |  Lincoln  |  Maybach  |  Mercedes-Benz  |  Mini  |  Mitsubishi  |  Nissan  |  Porsche  |  Ram  |  Smart  |  Sprinter  |  Subaru  |  Suzuki  |  Toyota  |  VW

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